Colin Halliday

1964: Born Carlisle
1987-88: Foundation Course in Fine Art, Carlisle
1989-92: BA (Honours) Fine Art, Exeter

I paint Landscapes because that is what I most relate to, my working method is very bold and expressive as I want a painting to look like a painting and not get bogged down with detail.

A painterly application is a very important aspect of my work as this I feel reflects the subject matter best and the importance of individual marks, application is not hidden and this I feel celebrates the individual. I choose many subjects which could be anywhere in England sometimes intimate spaces and sometimes a larger landscape view. It is by concentrating on expressive application the painting becomes more object like and not so determined by illusion this is after all a painting and not the actual landscape, hopefully it is an object of beauty.

April-May 1987
Chequers Restaurant, Chalk Farm Road, London
February 1994
Somewhere between preservation and destruction, Carnegie Arts Centre, Workington, Cumbria
March-April 1997
Fools Paradise, The Sun and Doves, Camberwell
April 1998
The Herbivorous Garden Heathers Bistro, Deptford
August 1998
Metropolis, The Limelight, Lewisham
February 1999
Landscape in Consciousness, The One Below Gallery, Telegraph Hill, London and continuing in June at Grey College, Durham
October 1999
Future Landscapes Knapp Gallery, Regents College, London
Jan-March 2000
The Promised Land, Harrow Arts Club
April 2000
Aretrospective, The Walk Gallery, London
June-July 2000
The Twenty First Century Landscape, Sutton House, Hackney
June 2001
Lost Wilderness, Blyth Gallery, Manchester
April-June 2002
The Beautiful South, Simply Nico, London SE1 (represented by Papermint)
July 2002
Yard Gallery, East Dulwich
October 2002
The Walk Gallery, London
June 2003
The Yard Gallery, East Dulwich, London
September 2003
Great Expectations, Camberwell, London
March April 2004
Seascapes at the Sea Cow, East Dulwich,
June July 2004
From City to Sea Great Expectations, Camberwell
Oct Dec 2004
Mayer Brown Rowe & Maw, Pilgrim st. London (represented by Collyer Bristow)
March 2005
The Smoke and the water G.Expectations, Camberwell
Feb April 2006
A Breath of London StART space, Columbia rd, London E2
June 2006
English Landscapes GX gallery, Camberwell, London
May 2007
The Nature of Nature Tregoning gallery, Derby
July 2007
A sense of place GX gallery, Camberwell, London
March April 2008
Back to Nature StART space, Columbia rd, London
July 2008
The Romantic North GX gallery, Camberwell, London
Sept 2008
Featured Artist, Ridgeway Gallery, Bakewell
May 2009
Elements GX gallery, Camberwell, London
June 2009
Ridgeway Gallery, Bakewell, Derbyshire
Sept 2009
Barefoot Gallery, Boston Spa, Yorkshire
Sept 2009
Flannels, Leeds, Yorkshire
May 2010
From Pastoral to sublime GX gallery, London
June 2010
Ridgeway Gallery, Bakewell, Derbyshire
Feb 2011
The Earth Beneath us Mooch Art, Manchester
March 2011
An Illuminated Land, GX gallery, London
July 2012
Albion , GX gallery, London
June 2013
English Landscapes GX gallery, London
May 2014
En Plein Air GX gallery, London
June 2014
Colin Halliday Alchemy gallery, Macclesfield
Oct 2014
New work Tarpey gallery, Castle Donnington
April 2015
Solo StJohn Street Gallery, Ashbourne
May 2015
The Nature of Paint GX Gallery, London
July 2016
The untameable Nature of Nature Tarpey Gallery

February 1992
“Sign V Symbol”, Space X Gallery, Exeter
August 1992
“Fresh Art”, Business Design Centre, Islington
July 1993
“The Lake Artists Society”, Grasmere, Cumbria
August 1993
Summer Show, Castlegate House Gallery, Cockermouth, Cumbria
June-July 1994
Summer Show, Burlington New Gallery, London W1
April 1997
Quantum Contemporary Art, Whiteley’s, London W2
June-July 1997
“Life Drawings”, Strata Gallery, Upper Norwood
September 1997
Drury Lane Gallery
October 1997
“The Goose Green Open” Dulwich Picture Gallery (selected by Tom Philips)
March 1998
Coombs Contemporary At, Butler’s Warf, London
April 1998
“Vital Art” London Art House, Brick Lane
April-May 1998
“The Magic Place” (Joint Show with Matthew Sibley) Islington Arts Factory
July-August 2001
Summer Show, Art Attack, Hoxton Square
November 2001
Thomas Corman Fine Art, Ashurst Morris and Crisp, Broadbalk House, London EC1
December 2001-January 2002
Karen Taylor Gallery, St Margaret’s, London
March 2002
“Life in the City”, Wills Art Warehouse, Parson’s Green
November 2002
“The Contemporary Landscape”, Framework Gallery, Creekside, London
November 2002-March 2003
Webbs Marine Gallery, Battersea, London
December 2002
Group Show, Yard Gallery, East Dulwich
July 2003
Group Show, Enid Lawson, London
July-Sept 2003
“Life in the City”, Wills Art Warehouse, London
June 2004
“Elemental”, Yard Gallery, East Dulwich
June 2004
Artspace at Navestock, Essex
Sept 2004
Artspace at Worcester
Oct 2004
“Escape”, Wills Art Warehouse, London
Sept 2005
“Life in the city”, Wills Art Warehouse, London
Sept 2007
“Open Spaces” Ridgeway gallery, Bakewell
Feb-April 2008
Gascoigne Gallery, Harrogate
Sept 2008
Elements of Landscape, Ingleby Gallery
Oct 2008
East Chesire Hospice Art Fair, Macclesfield
2009 -
Unicorn gallery, wilmslow, widnes, Cheshire
2012 -
Colourfield gallery, Poynton, Cheshire
May 2014
Open studio, Derbyshire Open Arts
July- Sept 2014
Denise Yapp, Monmouth
Sept 2014
Wirksworth Arts Festival, Derbyshire
June 2015
Summer show, Gorstella Gallery, Chester
Sept 2015
Wirksworth Arts Festival, Derbyshire
Dec 2015
Winter show, Unicorn Gallery, Wilmslow
May 2016
Open studio, Derbyshire Open Arts
June 2016
Summer show, Gorstella Gallery, Chester
Sept 2016
New Mills Arts Festival, Derbyshire

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